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Jeremy Wassermann

Jeremy's passion in helping people achieve their goals is what drives his purpose in seeing his clients succeed. 

Accessibility and collaboration highlight Jeremy’s vision to be a resource to the community through cultivating relationships and idea sharing.  With a comprehensive outlook on personal finance, Jeremy helps navigate important personal finance decisions. Being able to see beyond the product as a solution is a core value in Jeremy's daily practice as a financial services professional.

Jeremy has observed the shortfall of financial literacy provided to nurses and medical professionals, along with the number of hours that go into education and training. So he built a process that helps nurses and medical professionals prioritize their finances so they can continue Enhancing their life and so many more lives on a daily basis..

 Implementing this proven and time-tested strategy to substantially grow your net worth. With The Life Enhancing System simplifying the process, helping clients keep more of their hard-earned money in their pocket. 

Jeremy's vision goes beyond products as a solution and emphasizes that financial success focuses effectively on integrating and coordinating financial decisions.

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Jeremy has called Arizona home for 21 years.  He is an avid outdoorsmen and enjoys biking and hiking with his beautiful wife Jenn.

I help my clients to fully understand Life Insurance by explaining:

  1. Economic Life Value and Needs-Analysis (Family Security)

  2. Death Benefit as a Living Value (Asset Insurance)

  3. Use of Lost-Opportunity Cost (True Cost of Term Life Insurance)

  4. Term Life Insurance Versus Whole Life Insurance (Living Benefits of Whole Life)

  5. Waiver of Premium

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I help my clients to plan for their future by:

  1. Helping them understand the full benefits of Life Insurance

  2. Helping them understand how The Life Enhancing System will benefit them​

  3. Crafting a personalized plan that fits them and their family needs

  4. Meeting with them as often as they like to help guide them along the way

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